Renewal of the “Destination Innovante Durable” label

An increasingly committed destination!

We are proud to announce the renewal of our “Destination Innovante Durable” label, a token of our commitment to eco-responsible tourism and events. This journey towards a more sustainable future is a collective adventure supported by DESTINATION NANCY and the Metropole du Grand Nancy with a growing number of partners.

Supported by France Congrès et Événements, this label is reviewed every 18 months by Bureau Veritas. A regular, rigorous assessment that guarantees the label holders’ ongoing commitment.

The Metropole du Grand Nancy played a key role in presenting its approach, which is based on a series of exemplary actions and events such as the “Fais tes valises on rentre à Nancy” summer program and the Saint-Nicolas celebrations. The challenge is to encourage slow tourism, sustainable management of water resources and active mobility, in order to move towards greater sobriety.


The 11 partners accompanying us on this adventure are carrying out concrete actions such as the following:


  • Opéra national de Lorraine : It is the first opera house in France to be awarded the “Destination Innovante Durable” label, with a wide range of actions including the creation of a department dedicated to citizenship, the reduction of one-off uses by setting up co-productions for the reuse of sets, and the manufacture of sets for loans and/or rentals.


  • CCI Grand Nancy Métropole Meurthe-et-Moselle & Club Hôtelier de Nancy: 100% of Club Hôtelier member hotels have benefited from an environmental diagnosis carried out by the CCI. Through an environmental charter, the hosts have adopted best practices such as breakfasts featuring local and bulk produce, the elimination of single-use or plastic items, the fight against food waste via “Too good to go” for example, etc.


  • UL Propuls’: favors sustainable travel by choosing conference venues close to hotels and activities, offers eco-responsible goodies from local companies, etc.


  • Zénith du Grand Nancy: encourages the use of public transport with the introduction of shuttles for each show.


  • UMIH 54: working on waste management (especially bio-waste) and raising awareness among its members.


  • Nancy Jazz Pulsations : Recognized for its commitment over many years, the NJP’s actions range from raising public awareness (from eco-responsible sequins to a mobile stage powered by bicycles) to accessibility for disabled visitors and the fight against sexist and sexual violence.


  • Marcotullio Traiteur We are working on inclusion and diversity, notably by signing the Diversity Charter, and by creating a dedicated HR department to strengthen our partnerships with institutions that promote the inclusion of people who have difficulty gaining access to employment, such as the Second Chance School.


  • L’Autre Canal: has introduced vegetarian catering to reduce its carbon footprint. Vegetarian meals are now the norm, and meat meals are optional.


  • Curionomie: this events agency is committed to raising visitors’ awareness of environmental issues by offering fun, responsible activities. To this end, it is developing a network of young entrepreneurs who share common values, enabling it to co-construct unique offers for businesses in the region.


  • Grand Nancy Innovation: identifies innovative and sustainable projects in the region, and is working with DESTINATION NANCY to organize a hackathon on sustainable tourism.



United in Action and Innovation

The strength of our “Sustainable Innovative Destination” label lies in the diversity and commitment of our partners. Every initiative, large or small, contributes to a more sustainable future for Nancy. We’re proud of this synergy, which makes Nancy not only an attractive destination, but also an example of responsible tourism.