• Did you know that Place Stanislas is among the top five most beautiful squares in the world?
  • And that Nancy, cradle of Art Nouveau between 1880 and 1914, is a mecca for arts & crafts and great glass-makers?

The Old Town

Porte de la Craffe


The Old Town bears the imprint of the Dukes of Lorraine who, for several centuries, governed the Duchy of Lorraine, which was independent from France at the time.


Stretching from Place Vaudémont to Porte de la Craffe, Grande Rue forms the main axis of Nancy’s Old Town. With the magnificent palace of the Dukes of Lorraine, its interlacing of alleys, its beautiful historic houses and cobblestones, it has a special charm. Restaurants and small shops make it a very buzzing, lively street to enjoy a stroll. +



The UNESCO quarter


The squares of Place Stanislas, Place de la Carrière and Place d’Alliance form a unique quarter, a true masterpiece of creative genius, listed as a World Heritage site. Three squares, three delights, and three stories to discover!


Place Stanislas (or Place Stan as it is locally known), regularly ranked among the most beautiful squares in the world, is the most majestic square, with buildings of pure, classical architecture, golden gates and fountains, not to mention the statue of the revered Stanislas. In winter and summer, it serves as the setting for two magnificent sound and light shows.


Place de la Carrière is located on the site of an old medieval square, which was used for equestrian displays and tournaments. In the eighteenth century, the Government Palace was built there, as the seat of the Intendant de France and the facades were harmonised.


While more discreet, Place d’Alliance nevertheless displays a certain charm, with its rows of trees and a magnificent fountain at its centre



Art Nouveau

Villa Majorelle à Nancy


At the beginning of the twentieth century, Nancy acquired worldwide fame thanks to Art Nouveau, under the impetus of talented artists (Emile Gallé, Jacques Gruber, Louis Majorelle, Eugène Vallin and others) who belonged to the movement known as “The Nancy School”.


Drawing their inspiration from the observation of nature, Nancy School artists reinvented the city’s décor and its everyday life. With works of architecture, ironwork, glassware, sculpture, ceramics and more, these artists’ genius was expressed in all fields. The Nancy School will take you from the city centre to the museum of the Nancy School via the Saurupt district+



Street Art


This artistic dynamism lives on, with the unveiling of many works of urban art in the city in recent years, as part of the Art in Nancy trail.


After taking a selfie with the bull in front of the Convention Centre, continue on your city centre walk to admire the other works on the ADN-Art trail in Nancy, an artistic, urban and contemporary journey that is enriched every year with new works. More than 30 works are scattered throughout the city, an invitation to explore off the beaten path and discover them. During your walk, you may come across the magnificent, brightly-coloured Giulia, a skydiving walrus, luminous discs, or reflective half-spheres which offer opportunities for original photography.
Look up, art is everywhere, in all its diversity, with nice surprises in store for you. So grab your cameras and smart-phones!





To discover this rich heritage, Nancy Convention Bureau offers a wide range of guided tours with professional tour guides, tailored to your availability and interests.


Overview of the must-see attractions, unique visits, gourmet demonstrations, fun rallies and more are available. Offer your event attendees an additional experience!


The tourist office also offers guided tours for individuals all year round if you wish to return and visit Nancy with family or friends. +