Gastronomic Nancy

Stroll along rue des Maréchaux, known locally as “Rue Gourmande” (the street of gourmets), where a wide selection of restaurants awaits. Nancy offers a wide range of establishments and bars, some easy to discover and some more hidden. Whether it’s a warm day or not, stop at Place Stanislas for artisan ice cream, before venturing into the Nancy covered market, a must for all lovers of gourmet food… Treat your loved ones (or yourself), as you sample the many local specialities that await discovery or rediscovery in our artisan establishments, or enjoy them in our restaurants.



  • The famous Nancy macarons are biscuits with a soft centre, made of almonds, egg whites and sugar
  • Bergamotes are translucent, yellow sweets scented with the natural essence of bergamot
  • Mirabelle plumsare very fragrant yellow plums, and the symbol of Lorraine
  • The rum baba is a savarin pastry soaked in rum syrup, which was created for Stanislas in its Tokay-flavoured version
  • Visitandine is a cake made from almond powder and egg whites
  • The Saint-Epvre cake is a round cake topped with buttercream and sprinkled with icing sugar
  • Quiche lorraine is made with eggs, crème fraiche and bacon cubes
  • Potée lorraine a meal in itself, is a meat and vegetables stew cooked in brot


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