An accessible Metropolis

Our urban area is easy to access and is connected to the major European metropolises

Served by the high-speed rail network to the city centre, by the European North-South and East-West motorways, and by air, Greater Nancy is connected to major European cities.

Getting around

For several years, Greater Nancy has been committed to a new approach to urban mobility, which encourages sustainable travel.


As a result, several options are available:

Walking  Nancy is a city that can be explored on foot. The TGV train station is located one minute from Prouvé Centre. When exploring the city, hotels, shops and restaurants are all within a 15-minute walk. Enjoy a sense of well-being in a city on a human scale!


Cycling – With a cycling network covering 175 km, Greater Nancy gives pride of place to cycling. VélOstan’lib offers self-service bicycles at 29 points across the city, and VélOstan’boutic offers bike rentals from eight rental points across the greater urban area. &


Let someone else drive  – With a public transport network comprising sixteen bus lines and one tram line, you can easily get around Nancy and the rest of the urban area.