A local public company with a share capital of €250,000, DESTINATION NANCY is 82%-owned by Greater Nancy and 18%-owned by the City of Nancy. Local communities established this operational stakeholder body dedicated to the management and development of economic and cultural events and activities in their respective territories.


DESTINATION NANCY manages and operates Prouvé Convention Centre and Expo Park. As a single point of contact for the organisation of your events, we leverage all the know-how and experience of our team, and its experience in the coordination and management of all types of professional or public events.




Chair of the administrative board


  • President: François WERNER,, First Vice-President of Greater Nancy Metropolis, in charge of Attractiveness, Economic Development and Tourism, in charge of Nancy Thermal, Mayor of Villers-les-Nancy,
  • Vice-President: Nicole CREUSOT, Nancy Metropolitan Councillor and Municipal Councillor




Members of the Board of Directors representing shareholder communities


On behalf of Greater Nancy Metropolis,


  • Mrs Martine Bocoum, Metropolitan Councillor, Deputy Mayor of Maxéville,
  • Mr Hocine Chabira, Vice-President of Greater Nancy Metropolis in charge of metropolitan cultural project development, Nancy Municipal Councillor,
  • Mrs Carole Grandjean, Nancy Metropolitan Councillor and Municipal Councillor, Member of Parliament for Meurthe-et-Moselle,
  • Mrs Stéphanie Gruet, Metropolitan Councillor and Malzéville Municipal Councillor,
  • Mr Vincent Matheron, Vice-President of Greater Nancy Metropolis, delegate for Finance and Human Resources, Mayor of Jarville-la-Malgrange,
  • Mr Eric Pensalfini, Vice-President Greater Nancy Metropolis, delegate for international relations, Mayor of Saint-Max
  • Mr Areski Sadi, Metropolitan Councillor and Nancy Deputy Mayor



On behalf of the City of Nancy,


  • Mr Antoine Le Solleuz, City of Nancy Deputy, delegate for European and international partnerships and city promotion
  • Mr Bertrand Masson, City of Nancy Deputy Mayor, in charge of culture, heritage, arts & crafts, and major events