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The entrance foyer can be accessed via place de la République.

The reception terminals and lighting feature are part of a furniture set designed by the artist Benjamin Dufour and architect-designers Guillaume Eckly and Barbara Fischer as a modular installation, both mobile and scalable. Their work is part of the 1% artistic contribution*.

*The 1% artistic contribution is a legal obligation that promotes the creation of works of art for the decoration of public buildings. It requires contracting authorities to set aside 1 % of the total cost of their constructions for ordering or acquiring works of art specially designed for the building.

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In numbers

  • Seats : 500
  • Area : 531 m²
  • Length : 18 m
  • Width : 14 m
  • Heigh : 5,95 m


  • Modular reception terminal
  • Fixed modular cloakroom
  • Wifi coverage