Relationships and partnerships

In order to offer all the services that contribute to a successful event, we have developed partnerships with many local stakeholders.


  • Nancy Tourism: Tourist Office of Greater Nancy Metropolis


  • The Hoteliers’ Club: led by Greater Nancy Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Hoteliers’ Club participates in local tourism development and promoting Nancy’s hotel industry. A management contract, established between the Convention Bureau and destination hoteliers and hotel residences, was agreed in June 2018 in order to best meet the expectations of business customers in terms of optimising their stay.


  • Vitrines de Nancy: Are you participating in an event organised at the Prouvé Centre or Expo Park? Benefit from discounts in Nancy shops!
    Download the Boutic Nancy app by Vitrines de Nancy for Android or Iphone to benefit from discounts in more than 100 shops in Nancy!


  • Food Bank of Nancy and its region: A partnership agreement was signed on January 10, 2017 with the Food Bank of Nancy and its region. It allows event organisers to donate remaining food after an event, in compliance with food hygiene conditions.