Our technicians provide consulting assistance to prepare your event and technical support until its completion.


Audiovisual services
Prouvé Convention Centre offers technological solutions for a range of audiovisual options:

  • organisation of video broadcasts in theatres
  • video capture and multi-camera set layout
  • video and/or sound recording
  • “”soft edge”” projection allowing for dynamic rendering
  • networking of meeting spaces

New in 2021 :
is Live Studio, a true turnkey professional tool to communicate securely, including when Prouvé Centre is closed. From audiovisual recording to interactive broadcasts such as duplexes or webinars, and with the option of live broadcasts on one or more sites simultaneously, there is no shortage of avenues to professionally digitise your content. Click here now to find out more


Lighting services
Our technical team is on hand to design lighting solutions for the visual atmosphere that best matches the tone you want for your event.


IT services
Our location managers offer turnkey IT solutions to ensure you are in full control. In the event of a technical issue, they are on hand to provide immediate technical assistance.


Internet and Wifi
Prouvé Convention Centre features full Wi-Fi coverage and a wired computer network


Interpreting booths
Our simultaneous interpreting booths offer interpreters great comfort for quality translations.